Venice hotels

Venice hotels

Venice belongs to the most popular destinations for a city break. Therefore you can find many hotels in Venice. But even though you have to make your hotel booking well in advance to be sure you will get a room in the hotel you prefer most. The hotels in Venice are not very cheap; most hotels are more expensive than in other parts of the country. But with our help you will be able to find a nice hotel in Venice for the best price.

Especially in the months September, October, April and May Venice is crowded with tourists and hotels are all fully booked. June and July are a bit less crowded because temperatures can rise up to 30 ºC or more, which is not for everybody a pleasant temperature for a sightseeing tour Venice. But it sometimes can give you the possibility to book cheaper hotel rooms. It´s all up to you!

The best hotels are located in the historic city centre of Venice near the Piazza San Marco. Here you can fully enjoy the authentic Venetian atmosphere. All big tourist attractions are near and you can reach them easily on foot or of course by water bus. Another part of the city where you can find great hotels is the Cannaregio district. This district covers the northern part of the city centre. It’s a lively district with lots of tourist attractions, shops, bars and restaurants. The hotels in the Cannaregio district are very well located for a perfect city break Venice.

You can also find some real nice hotels at the Lido Island. Here you will find a 12 kilometers long beach. With a hotel on Lido Island you can get the best of two worlds; enjoying a city break in combination with relaxing on the beach. A perfect combination!

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