Rome City Breaks

Rome City Breaks

Caput mundi – capital of the world! Since Rome’s ancient foundation in 753 before Christ, it was destined to be one of the main world cities. The city deservedly is one of the primary tourist destinations of the world. Stroll around the stylish streets, live La dolce vita at the Trevi fountain and the Coliseum, admire art and religion at the many churches… Rome is truly made for tourism and the class and style of Rome are unchallenged in the whole world!

History Rome

In three moments in history, Rome has had a premium position and all eras have left their prints on the city. The icon of the time of the Roman Empire is the Coliseum, the old amphitheatre where the classic gladiators fought animals and their colleagues. Christian Rome is represented by the biggest and possibly most luxury church of the world: Saint Peter’s of the Vatican. The modern time, which has seen the unification of the Italian kingdom, is represented by the Altare della Patria (Altar of the Fatherland), the distinct monument to king Victor Emanuel a couple of stone throws away from the Coliseum. As this building originates in the 19th century, it is clear that Rome is not a city with hypermodern buildings like New York or Berlin – with so much history, there isn’t even place for it, the visitor centre of the Ara Pacis left aside.

But Rome is more than history. Being an Italian city, a city break here is made for food and shopping. Italy’s cuisine contains all time favourites as pizza and pasta, but also offers the best coffee, ice cream, and olive oil of the world. And about shopping: where can you find better Made in Italy fashion than in wonderful shoppers’ heavens as the Via del Corso and Via Condotti? Italian fashion designers from all the big brands have their flagship stores in this street of luxury.

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