Venice Attractions

Venice Attractions

Venice is also called ┬┤The City of Water`. Lots of attractions in Venice are therefore related to water. You probably already are familiar with the images of the romantic gondolas, one of the biggest attractions of Venice. But you can also opt for a ride with the water bus or water taxi through the Grand Canal. Another nice attraction in Venice is the Rialto market. Here you can sniff around and buy fresh food, fish or spices. Would you like to go to beach? Venice is one of the few citybreak destinations that can offer you a nice day at the beach. In Venice you can go to the Lido beach at the Gulf of Venice. Learn here more about the details of these attractions.

Gondolas in Vencie

Gondolas are the traditional flat-bottomed boats of Venice that for a long time were used as important means of transportation through the small Venetian canals. Nowadays the gondolas are still used for this purpose, but they also serve as a popular tourist attraction. Well dressed gondoliers will welcome you in their well maintained gondolas and show you the city from the water. To take a tour in a gondola in Venice is one of the great tourist attractions of Venice. But be aware it can be pretty expensive. Anyhow it will be an unforgettable experience.

Water buses and water taxis Venice

A ride in a Venetian Gondola can be a bit expensive, the water buses offer you a cheaper alternative. You can for example take a water bus from the airport to your hotel. But a water bus also can serve as a nice way of transport for sightseeing. In the Grand Canal you will have a great view from the water at the Rialto Bridge. In Venice there are also a lot of different companies with motorized taxi boats which serve as an adequate way of transportation through the city. They are a bit more expensive then the water buses.

Rialto Market Venice

At the Rialto Market, which for ages is known as an important trading centre, you can enjoy the authentic atmosphere of Venice. The market exists of a fruit and vegetables market and a fish market. The fruit and vegetable market is open every day, except on Sundays. The fish market is closed on Sunday and Monday. The opening hours are from 07:00 AM till 13:00 PM.

Lido Beach Venice

Lido is an island which separates Venice from the Adriatic Sea and is especially known for hosting the yearly International Film Festival of Venice. But it is also known for its 12 kilometers long beach. You can relax in the sand, have a walk along the water or take a swim.

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