Prague City Breaks

Prague City Breaks

Are you already familiar with Prague as a city break destination? Here you can find all the information you need. For sure that after learning more about this magnificent city, the only thing you want to do is booking a city break Prague.

Prague is the wonderful capital of the Czech Republic in Central-Europe. The city is also known under the nicknames; the Golden City and the City of the Hundred Towers. These revealing nicknames already give you an idea of what you can expect in Prague. In Prague you will discover great tourist attractions with highlights as the Prague Castle, the impressive St. Vitus Cathedral, the fairytale like Golden Lane and the historical Charles Bridge. If you are interested in architecture, then you can’t choose a better city break destination than Prague. In the city centre you will encounter buildings in all kinds of architecture styles like baroque, gothic and renaissance. In Prague you will immerse yourself in a great mystical and fairytale like ambiance, with little cobbled lanes and cozy squares. Once you are there you will immediately understand why the historical centre of Prague is a World Heritage Site of UNESCO.

Turbulent history of Prague

Prague has a long but often turbulent history. Here you will learn more about it. But the best way is to visit one of the interesting museums in Prague yourself. We will give you an overview of some important museums such as The City of Prague Museum and the Museum of Communism. The last one will give you a clear insight in the life in the city during the severe communistic regime. But Prague also became famous because of some great artists. One of them was a master in literature. Of course we’re talking about Franz Kafka. You can even visit the house where he was born.

What has Prague to offer you?

Prague has to offer you a lot regarding to history, art and culture. But Prague is also a lot of fun if you love shopping. Although it’s not a shopping paradise like other big European cities as London or Paris, Prague is a great place if you are interested in small cozy shops and antiques. Would you like to go out? Then you definitely should have a beer in one of the typical beerhouses. Here you can really feel the authentic ambiance of the city. What makes Prague even more interesting as a city break destination are the attractive prices. What are you waiting for? Prague is waiting for you!

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