Moscow City Breaks

Moscow City Breaks

Moscow, the capital city of Russia, is definitely one of the most amazing cities in the world, and only a three hour flight away! It is a place of contradictions, where you can experience the atmosphere of the old socialistic Soviet Union, but also witness the rise of the young, uber-rich yuppies with their consumeristic attitude. By just walking around, you can almost feel the transition that has started after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 and is still going on today.

During your City break Moscow, you will be able to enjoy the amazing view over the river Moskva and the Kremlin, become infatuated with the shops in the city’s most excessive shopping center Gum, and spend a lazy afternoon strolling through the Novodevichy convent, the Kuskovo Estate or Gorky park.

Moscow an entertaining city

Moscow has one of the most elaborated offers for ballet, classical music and opera lovers with its ninety-three theatres and twenty-four concert-halls. Throughout the year, several (classical music) festivals are organised, but for experiencing some good clubbing and dancing, Moscow is definitely the place to be as well.

Although Moscow can appear to be a bit of a harsh city (with sometimes unfriendly locals at first sight as smiling is seen as a sign of weakness), you will see that it is impossible not to love this city and its inhabitants after you got to know them!

In short, City break Moscow offers an excellent opportunity for an everlasting experience in a very different culture, for which you don’t even have to go far! Book your City Break Moscow today and enjoy this amazing city!

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