Shopping Copenhagen

Shopping Copenhagen

Copenhagen is without a doubt one of the best shopping destinations of Europe. Are you fond of retro, then Copenhagen will be like paradise! A citybreak Copenhagen is also a great opportunity to visit shops with Danish Design. Do you love to sniff around at flea markets? Then you should visit Copenhagen between April and October. During these months everywhere in the city you can find the most interesting flea markets. But also if you are just looking for some new clothes, shoes or accessories from international brands you can spend hours and hours of shopping in the fantastic shopping streets, warehouses and department stores in the city centre.

Strøget Copenhagen

Copenhagen is, with its endless shopping streets, heaven to shop-a-holics. The most famous and popular shopping street in Copenhagen is called Strøget, which leads through the middle of the city centre. Here you can find the best shops of the regular international brands, designer shops and nice warehouses. You can extend your shopping experience with visiting the Købmagergade, another famous shopping street that comes together with Strøget at the Amagertorv.

Second hand stores Copenhagen

The newest trend in Copenhagen is the oldest one! This means that retro fashion and second hand shops are very popular. At different places in the city you can find great second hand shops, for example in the Latiner quarter. One of the most popular second hand shops in this area is called Carmen, here you will find the most amazing retro sun glasses, clothes, shoes and accessories. Here you also may be able to find clothes from great fashion designers. But also in some side streets of Strøget you can encounter some nice second hand shops.

Danish Design Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the best place to get the chance to buy some nice products in Danish Design. This functionalistic design style, inspired by the German Bauhaus school, was first developed in the beginning of the 20th century. One of the most famous designers associated with Danish Design is Arne Jacobsen. Some nice shops where you can find Danish Design are:

Bodum Home Store
Østergade 10
1100 Copenhagen

Nyt i Bo
Store Kongensgade 88
1264 Copenhagen

DZOO Designer Zoo
Vesterbrodgade 137
1620 Copenhagen

Warehouses & department stores Copenhagen

In Copenhagen you can find the finest warehouses and department stores where you can spend hours of shopping.

Magasin du Nord
A popular warehouse in Copenhagen is the Magasin du Nord. Here you can buy everything related to home decoration, cooking, fashion and electrical goods.
Address: Kongens Nytorv 13

Once you are inside the Illum department store, you feel like you entered a different world.
Everybody in Scandinavia will agree that Illum is the most attractive department store of whole Scandinavia. Here you will find the best international brands in fashion, design and beauty. Illum is perfectly located near the main shopping streets of Copenhagen.
Address: Østergade 52

Flea Markets Copenhagen

Especially during spring and summer it will not be difficult to find a flea market in Copenhagen. Two of the most interesting flea markets in Copenhagen are the Københavns Loppetorv and Nørrebros Loppemarked.

Københavns Loppetorv
The Københavns Loppetorv (Copenhagen Flea market) cannot stay unmentioned when talking about flea markets in Copenhagen. All kinds of products are sold here; very popular are the old LP’s. The Københavns Loppetorv is the oldest flea market of Copenhagen and is held at the Israel Plads near the Nørreport S-Train Station on every Saturday from 08:00 till 14:00 between the end of April and the beginning of October.

Nørrebros Loppemarked
Bargain hunters can also visit the flea market in the Nørrebro district next to the Assistens Cemetery on the Nørrebrogade. This flea market is held on every Saturday from 07:00 till 14:00 between the beginning of April and the end of October.

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