Flights to Copenhagen

Flights to Copenhagen

The increasing popularity of Copenhagen as a citybreak destination also made increase the number of flights to Copenhagen. More and more airline companies incorporated Copenhagen as one of their flight destinations. As a result the prices of the airline tickets are also more and more competitive. Here you will find the best airline tickets Copenhagen at the best rates.

Copenhagen tickets

We did an accurate analysis of the airline ticket market regarding flights to Copenhagen and we selected the airline companies with the best offers. Here you can easily find the best airline tickets to Copenhagen. You just fill in your travel dates and the best offers will pop up. If your travel dates are flexible you have a better chance to get even cheaper options. Before travelling make sure you are aware of the rules and regulations of the airline company you’re flying with. Think of regulations regarding to check-in and boarding time and luggage allowance. Also don’t forget you need a valid passport to be able to travel by plane.

Copenhagen airport

Copenhagen is served by the beautiful and modern Copenhagen International Airport Kastrup at 8 kilometres south of Copenhagen located at the Amarger Island. The airport is connected to the city centre by metro, train, bus and taxi services. Everything is very well organized, so you will not have any problems traveling from the Copenhagen Airport to the heart of the city. By the way, did you know that Copenhagen Airport has one of the largest duty-free shopping areas?

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