Getting around Copenhagen

Getting around Copenhagen

The best way to get around in Copenhagen? Definitely by bike, like the Copenhageners themselves! Everywhere in Copenhagen you will constantly see bicycles passing by. If you are not into renting a bike, the public transport will help you out. Copenhagen has an efficient public transport network consisting of bus routes, a metro network and train connections.

Bus Copenhagen

The buses in Copenhagen operate from 05:00 till 00:30. The main bus station is located at the central station of Copenhagen. From here you can travel to every corner of the city. Also at the Town Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen) you can find various important bus stops. You don’t have to worry you will miss the last bus, because from 01:00 till 04:00 the night buses will take over the service. The night buses depart from the Town Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen).

Metro Copenhagen

The fastest means of transportation for your discovery tour in Copenhagen will be the metro. By metro you can travel very fast from one site of the city to the other. Copenhagen has two metro lines spread over 21 kilometres. Metro line 1 connects the Vanløse district with Vestamager and metro line 2 connects Vanløse with the Copenhagen Airport. In the near future the metro network will be extended. The metro lines are also perfectly connected to the S-tog, the Copenhagen urban railway network.

Train Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s urban railway service is called the S-tog or S-train. The S-train connects the city centre with the suburbs of Copenhagen.

Bicycle in Copenhagen

For sure the best way to discover Copenhagen is by bike. At various locations in the city you can rent bicycles. It’s even possible to book guided bicycle tours in Copenhagen. The city is completely plain and the infrastructure of the city is fully adapted to the many cyclists. Also the distances between the different tourist attractions are reasonable.

Taxi Copenhagen

Everywhere in Copenhagen it’s possible to take a taxi. Although the public transport is very well organized, the taxi can give you more comfort and convenience. By taking a taxi you don’t have to figure out the public transport system. But of course a taxi is much more expensive. At least you don’t have to worry about tips, because the service charge is included in the taxi fare.

From the airport to the city centre Copenhagen

It will be a pleasant experience to arrive at the beautiful Copenhagen International Airport Kastrup. You will be amazed by the great service and the facilities at the Airport. The Airport is located on the Amager Island 8 kilometres south of the city centre of Copenhagen. The easiest and fastest way to travel to the city centre is by metro. Follow the signs to the metro station at the airport. Within no-time the metro will bring you to the city centre. But you can also take a train, shuttle bus or a taxi to the central station.

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