Moscow Tourist Information

Moscow Tourist Information

We will shortly describe some practical information for your City Break Moscow here. The travel agency will provide you with an update if necessary. For political updates, it is recommended to check the website of the Russian embassy.

Currency Russia

The Russian currency is the Rouble (RUB), although the Euro and Dollar are widely accepted. There are ATMs all over Moscow (to start with, at the airports) and credit cards are widely accepted as well.

Time zone Moscow

Moscow is two hours ahead of Western Europe and three hours ahead of the UK. As most European countries, Russia observes DST (Daylight Saving Time), so the time difference is the same throughout the year.

Language Russia

The Russian language uses the so-called ‘Cyrillic’ alphabet. Some of the characters are similar to ours, but some are very different. It is recommended to buy a small phrase book which includes the alphabet, especially in the metro it can useful to be able to understand the next station that is announced! At first, the Cyrillic might seem to be unfathomable, but you will see that you will get used to it really quickly.

It is advised to ask the reception in the hotel for the hotel’s address, to give to taxi drivers etc. If you want to go to a specific destination, you can also ask the reception to write it down for you.

Voltage Russia

The electricity in Moscow is 220 volt, 50 Hz, and the plugs are slightly smaller than those used in most European countries. It is recommended to take a plug converter with you.

National holidays Russia

The most important Russian holidays all take place in the first half of the year:
- New Years, lasting from the 1st of January till the 10th, and a bigger holiday then Christmas
- The Army Day (Men’s Day): February 23: This day celebrates a tribute to Russian soldiers of all times.
- Maslenitsa: February 27 till the beginning of March (see Festivals)
- Orthodox Christmas: January 7
- Orthodox Easter: two weeks after Catholic Easter
- Victory Day: May 9: This is the most important holiday for Russian people and celebrates the victory over the Nazi regime in 1945. During the day, people pay their respect for those who have fallen and military parades are held at the Red Square. In the evening, there are fireworks, concerts and parties.
- Russia Day: June 12, celebrates the declaration of Russian sovereignty over Russia from 1990

Tipping and etiquette Rusia

As in most large cities, tipping is becoming more common in Moscow. Ten percent is regarded as a decent tip, but only when you are satisfied, it is not an obligation.

Useful numbers (police, ambulance, fire) Russia

The emergency numbers in Moscow are easy to remember, so take a look at them and keep them stored somewhere in your memory:
- Fire – 01
- Police – 02
- Ambulance – 03

Travel documents Russia

A visa is required for Russia and can be obtained through the Russian Embassy in your country, through your travel agency or through a visa service. You will need to fill in a request form (downloadable on the website of the Russian Embassy), a passport photograph and the vouchers of your hotel. Your passport has to be valid for at least six months after your visa expires. The costs of a visa are currently EUR 35,- and it will take approximately five working days. If you use a visa service, the costs will be somewhat higher but they will take care of the whole process for you. Make sure you arrange your visa in time since it will take some time before you get your passport back.

Dangers Moscow

In March 2010, two suicide bomb attacks took place in the metro system of Moscow. Although no further terroristic attacks are expected, you should be cautious and check your local Russian embassy website before departure for updates.

As every large city, Moscow has its pickpockets. Especially in busy shopping areas and in the metro, be cautious! However if you are not showing off too much with your valuables and keep a close eye on your bag, you should be fine.

Smoking Russia

There is no such thing as a smoking ban in Russia, where over half of the population smokes, and the government seems not very eager to change this. Some restaurants offer smoke free sessions, but in general these are the worst tables and there still will be smoke from other tables.

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