Moscow Shopping

Moscow Shopping

Moscow is the place to be for shoppers! The number of shops is endless and opening hours are very wide, so definitely save some time in your City break Moscow for shopping! For those who are more hesitant to spend their pocket money on shopping, just walking around and absorbing the atmosphere of the shopping areas is a great way to further explore Moscow and its history. Especially the GUM is a must-see for every Moscow-visitor.
Although the possibilities for shopping are endless, don’t forget: Moscow is an expensive city. In a city as big as Moscow, obviously there are the very high class stores with the well known brands, but also the lower end stores and shops are relatively expensive compared to Europe. If you go to Moscow mainly to go shopping, the best period is the end of the season sales, which take place after the New Year holiday and in July. Prices may be high, but so are the sales discounts, with markdowns of 50 – 70%!

GUM Moscow

The GUM (‘Glavnyi Universalnyi Magazin’) is the most famous and oldest shopping mall of Moscow and a must-see for everyone. It was built in the 19th century, at which time it comprised over 2,000 shops. Nowadays, it is believed the GUM holds circa 200 stores, mainly high end. The GUM is located on the eastern side of the Red Square, and with its facade of almost 250 meter, it’s hard to miss. One reason to go there is the architecture; the glass roof and the fountains at the ground floor give an impressive sight.
For those who can’t get enough of the GUM, there is a similar shopping mall just east of the Bolshoi Theatre, the TsUM (‘Tsentralniy Universalniy Magazin’ or ‘Central Department Store’).

Ohotniy Riad Moscow

After visiting the GUM, the Ohotniy Riad (named after the metro station where it is located) is a logical next stop, and much better affordable. The stores are a bit less high end, and you will probably recognise quite some brands from European shopping areas. Some parts of this enormous mall never close, and you will definitely find something here.

Arbat Moscow

The Arbat is one of the most famous streets in Moscow and definitely a good place for some shopping, wining and dining. It used to be a street where merchants were offering their goods, but nowadays it is a prestigious shopping area. Even if you do not want to spend your pocket money on overpriced stuff, the Arbat is a good place to just wander around and watch the local rich people parade through the street.

Tverskaja street Moscow

If you are looking for some outdoor shopping, Tverskaja street is the place to be. The Tverskaja street connects the inner ring road to the Red Square and is a spot to see and to be seen. Here you can spot the new wealthy Russians and local girls with impossible high heels, doing their shopping for the week. Not as expensive as GUM, but definitely high class.

Izmailovo Market Moscow

For the traveller with not-so-deep pockets, Moscow offers several alternatives. Visit for example the Izmailovo Market near the Partizanskaya Metro Station for a taste of real Russian shopping. The Izmailovo Market is also the best place for souvenir shopping.

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