Flights to Moscow

Flights to Moscow

Moscow may feel like (and almost is) a different continent but it is easy to go there by a direct flight, even for one weekend. A direct flight from London to Moscow it will take approximately 4 hours. Transportation from the airports to the city is well arranged and will take circa 0.5 – 1.0 hour, depending to which airport you fly.

Moscow tickets

Nowadays, you can fly from almost every major airport in Europe to Moscow, although you will be able to save some money if you are willing to change planes. See for more information and discounts on flight tickets on this website.

Your passport needs to be valid six months after expiration of your visa (that is, the day you will leave Russia). For more information on visas, see the tourist information section on this page.
In general, you are allowed to take 20 kilos of luggage with you when you fly economy class, 30 kilos in business class. The normal rules apply for luggage that is allowed in your (hand)luggage. Normally, you have to be present at the airport two hours before departure. However, always check your flight company for up-to-date information on luggage, departures etc!

Moscow airports

Moscow has two international airports, in addition to several national ones. In general, flights from Europe go to Sheremetyevo, which handles sixty percent of the international flights to Moscow. This airport will give you some of an old-fashion Soviet experience, with its grey and bit shabby atmosphere. However, it is close to the city, only ten kilometres away from the outer ring road of Moscow.

The Domodedovo airport was initially set up for domestic flights, but is growing fast and is facilitating more international flights every day. It is much more modern and in general a more pleasant experience than the Sheremetyevo. However, it is located much further, 22 kilometres from Moscow’s outer ring road.

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