Moscow hotels

Moscow hotels

As Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world, it is not surprising that hotels are quite expensive too. Best way to save some money here is to book a hotel just outside the center (or at least, not too close to the Red Square) but close to a metro station. When booking a hotel, always ask your contact person how far the nearest metro station is and how long it will take you to get to the Red Square.
Another option is to book a private room in a hostel, but for just a weekend it is recommended to spend a bit more money and give yourself the luxury of a hotel.

Top locations Moscow

Red Square
If you are looking for a taste of wealth and willing to spend some money, you can find yourself a hotel in close proximity to the Red Square, which is where the most luxurious hotels in Moscow are located. Here, you will get a feeling of the old, wealthy Russia, with impressive buildings with an old socialistic atmosphere.

The Beliy Gorod
Just north to the Red Square is the Beliy Gorod district (or ‘white town’ because of its white walls). It is very close to the center and you can easily walk to the Red Square, but you can also go to the Teatralnaya metro station. In this area, the Pushkin museum and the Bolshoi can be found, and much of the cultural life of Moscow takes place here.

The Zemlyanov Gorod
The Zemlyanov district is surrounding the Beliy Gorod and used to be the line of demarcation between the rich center and the bourgeois suburbs of Moscow. Nowadays, the area still endures its cachet and is a pleasant area to stay during your City Break Moscow.

The Kitay-gorod
Kitay-Gorod is located in the Northeast and is a quiet residential area, although it is also home to the best clubs and entertainment of Moscow. The area is encircled with medieval walls and the buildings are a mix of traditional, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'art noveau\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\', and monumental Soviet-era architecture.

Zamoskvareche and the south
The Zamoskvareche area lies in the southeast of Moscow (it literally means ‘on the other side of the River") and is easily recognisable by its colourful churches and houses. You will find the Tretyakov gallery here, together with a lot of churches.

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