Getting around  Valencia

Getting around Valencia

Travelling around in Valencia is very easy. Most of the important tourist attractions can be visited on foot. The distances between the tourist attractions are reasonable and the historic centre is compact. Do you want to visit an attraction a bit further outside the heart of the city, then the public transport will help you out. Mostly taking a bus will be the best option, but also the metro is well organized. Valencia is also connected to the national railway network, therefore it will also be very easy to travel to other cities in Spain. Of course there are also a lot of taxi’s. Another great way to travel around in Valencia and to see a lot within a short time is by travelling with the tourist service of the Hop-on Hop-off buses. Here you learn more about all possibilities to get around in Valencia.

Bus Valencia

The buses are the most popular and best means of transportation in Valencia. The main bus station is located in the Avenida de Menédez Pidal. Here buses depart to all corners of the city from early in the morning till late at night. The buses do not only serve the city centre, the bus can also bring you to interesting places outside the city centre. You can even count on the Valencian bus service at night with several night buses operating till 03:00. Besides, travelling by bus in Valencia is not very expensive. If you are in for a nice sightseeing tour through the entire city by bus, then you should definitely try out the nice Hop-on Hop-off tourist bus service of Valencia.

Metro Valencia

Valencia also has a nice metro network that can be especially useful when travelling bigger distances. The metro is for example the best way of transportation to travel from the city centre to the pleasant beaches of Valencia. With the metro you can also travel to some smaller villages near Valencia and to the airport in Manises at 8 kilometres distance of Valencia.

Tram Valencia

In Valencia you can also travel with very modern trams. The tram network especially serves very well to travel from the city centre to the beach. The trams depart from a station at the Pont de Fusta to the old historical centre and the beaches of Malvarossa and Las Arenas.

Taxi Valencia

A very easy and comfortable way of travelling is by taxi. In most European cities it can be very expensive travelling by taxi, but in Valencia the prices are still very reasonable. You can find the taxi’s near the public transport stations and at other strategic spots in the city. But you can hold a taxi everywhere in the city.

Train Valencia

Valencia has two important train stations. The main station is called Estación del Norte and is situated near the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. The train station houses in an impressive monumental building. From this train station you can travel to other Spanish cities as Barcelona, Madrid and Alicante. The second train station of Valencia is called Estación del Cabañal and is located near the port of Valencia and connects the national train network of Spain with the regional train network of Valencia.

From the airport to the city centre of Valencia

The Valencian Airport is located in Manises at 8 kilometres west of the city centre. The best way to travel from the airport to the city centre of Valencia is without a doubt by metro. Within a few minutes time you will already arrive in the heart of Valencia. But there are also two bus services that can bring you from the airport to the city centre. Outside the arrival terminal the Aerobus departs every 20 minutes. And you can also take bus 150 of the local Valencian bus service. But this will take you some more time to get in the centre, because it has a lot of bus stops on its way.

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