Festivals Valencia

Festivals Valencia

Your citybreak Valencia will be even more enjoyable when visiting one of the events that are held in Valencia. In Valencia you will especially find a lot of religious events, which are still taken very seriously. These events will give you a unique insight into the culture and traditions of your citybreak destination Valencia. Here you will find an overview of the most important festivals in Valencia.

Las Fallas

Las Fallas is a traditional festival in honour of Saint Joseph that takes place in March. During a whole week you can witness the most amazing celebrations. Typical of the las Fallas event are the parades with enormous puppets made of papier-mâché depicting politicians, movie stars, pop stars, athletes or other famous people. Las Fallas is also the best moment to enjoy events with traditional music, dance and costumes. The end of the festival is celebrated with amazing fireworks, by many considered the most spectacular firework event in the world.

Cruz de Mayo

The origins of the May Cross are not exactly clear. Some say the festival derives from a legend in which Saint Helena tries to find the cross on which Jesus died, others say that it originates from some pagan tradition rooted in the Roman Empire. Anyway, Cruz de Mayo is a special event for the inhabitants of Valencia. The people make the most beautiful crosses decorated with flowers and show them during a parade trough the city.

Virgen de los Desamparados

The Virgen de los Desamparados or Our Lady of the Forsaken is the patron virgin of Valencia. The second Sunday of May is devoted to her. The festivities take place at the Plaza de la Virgen in the city centre of Valencia, where the Basilica de los Desamparados is located. On this special day you will discover a lot about the traditional culture of Valencia, with traditional music, dance, costumes, a handicraft market and flowery processions.

Corpus Christi

In Valencia the religious events are taken very seriously. Corpus Christi is a special day with parades full of flowers, folkloric dance and music, religious processions and the exhibition of the typical Valencian rocas. The rocas are enormous horse carriages that are created for the Corpus Christi event. The works of art on the carriages are dedicated to a biblical theme. This event takes place in June.

Feria de Julio

Are you longing for a great summer citybreak with a lot of entertainment, then you definitely have to come to Valencia. During the whole month of July you can enjoy great concerts, fantastic theatre shows, refreshing open air film screenings, sports events and traditional bullfights. The Feria de Julio is a great opportunity to combine sightseeing with enjoying great cultural events.

The Day of the Valencian Community

Probably the most important day in Valencian history is the Day of the Valencian Community on the 9th of October to celebrate that Valencia was re-conquered from the Moors by James I the Conqueror in 1238. Valencia became an autonomous region with its own government. At this day they simulate the surrendering of Valencia to the Christians at the Serranos Towers. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

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