Things to do in madrid

Things to do in madrid

Everybody will have a good time in Madrid with delicious food, charming restaurants, sizzling nightclubs, great flamenco shows and fantastic theatres. The best restaurants and bars you will find in the middle of the city centre around the Plaza Mayor. You can also find some nice clubs and discos near the Atocha railway station. Most of the theatres are concentrated around the Gran Via in the north of the city centre. Here you can find more information about great restaurants, discos and theatres in Madrid.

Restaurants Madrid

Madrid has a great gastronomic tradition with influences from all over the Iberian Peninsula. A typical dish in Madrid is for example the cocido Madrileño, a stew with chickpeas, carrots, cabbage, turnips, celery, potatoes, chicken, beef and pork. Also don’t forget to taste the traditional sopa de ajo (garlic soup). The Madrileños are also very fond of caracoles (snails). What you also really should try during your city break Madrid is visiting a tapas bar. Here they serve a delicious variety of small dishes used as appetizers. Having dinner at one of the following restaurants will turn your city break Madrid in a surprising gastronomic adventure.

Los Galayos Bar and Restaurant
At Los Galayos you can enjoy a fantastic dinner in a wonderful ambiance. The restaurant was already founded in 1894. What do you prefer? Tasting some of the finest and most delicious tapas in the bar or have a nice Spanish dinner in the beautiful restaurant? Los Galayos also has a nice terrace outside. They serve very nice paella’s and also some typical dishes of Madrid like tripe at Madrilène style.
Address: Plaza Mayor 1, Botoneras 5,

Taberna del Zapatero
Zapatero means shoe in Spanish. The name is not accidentally chosen, because this nice restaurant in Madrid houses in a former cobbler’s workshop. At the Taberna del Zapatero they serve very well prepared tapas with tasty ingredients like wild mushrooms, shrimps, spicy peppers and cheese. You also have a large choice of wine.
Address: Calle del Almendro 22

El Sobrino de Botín
A restaurant you really shouldn’t miss is El Sobrino de Botín in the La Latina district. The Guinness Book of Records declared El Sobrino de Botín as the oldest restaurant in the world. The restaurant was founded in 1725. Therefore it is a very popular tourist attraction. The restaurant is especially known for its magical atmosphere and great Spanish dishes like sopa de ajo. Specialties of the house are roasted pork (conchinillo asado) and lamb (cordero asado).
Address: Calle de los Cuchilleros 17

Nightlife Madrid

If a spectacular nightlife is one of the most important requirements for a great city break, Madrid will surely pass the test. The Spanish capital has a vibrant nightlife ready for you to explore. In every part of the city centre you can find great bars and clubs that will not close until early in the morning. What you really should check out during your city break Madrid are the remarkable flamenco bars. But in Madrid you can also find lots of great discos and even some fantastic open air discos. Here you will find the real hotspots of Madrid’s nightlife.

At the popular Cardamomo bar you can witness authentic flamenco performances. It’s not only a favorite place for tourists also the locals love this place. Here you can expect the best flamenco artists of Spain and enjoy a fantastic traditional Spanish atmosphere.
Address: Calle Echegaray 15

With its seven floors the Kapital is without a doubt the most famous and largest disco of Madrid. Everybody will have a great time, because every floor has its own music style. Rock, pop, punk, disco, R&B, hip hop, all kinds of music will be played by the best DJ´s in town. Do you need some fresh air, check out the rooftop terrace. If you really want to experience the Madrid nightlife visiting the Kapital is almost obligatory.
Address: Calle de Atocha 125

The summers can be very hot in Madrid, but that does not have to keep you from going to a disco. You can for example go to the spectacular Ananda open air disco near the Atocha railway station. This is a beautiful place which guarantees you a great night! You can have a good time at the dance floor and afterwards enjoy a nice drink in one of the lounge areas.
Address: Avenida ciudad de Barcelona 2

Theatre Madrid

Madrid is not only the official capital of Spain, it can also be considered the theatre capital of the country. Through the entire city you can find various theatres. But especially at and around the Gran Via you will discover great theatres. But you must know that almost all the theatre plays are performed in Spanish. Visiting a theatre play during your city break Madrid can be a nice way to practice your Spanish language skills.

Teatro Real
The Teatro Real or Royal Theatre is one of the most prestigious theatres of Madrid. The theatre is located at the Plaza de Oriente in front of the Palacio Real. The construction of the Teatro Real was commissioned by Queen Isabel II. Antonio López Aguado and Custodio Moreno were responsible for the architecture. The inauguration took place on the 19th of November in 1850. The Teatro Real serves as an important opera house. The best operas and ballet performances are shown here.
Address: Plaza de Oriente

Teatro Alfil
At the Teatro Alfil you will find a remarkable relaxed atmosphere. It’s a very popular venue for young theatre lovers. Teatro Alfil is a modern theatre where you can enjoy modern theatre plays and comedies.
Address: Calle del Pez 10

Sala el Canto de la Cabra
Sala el Canto de la Cabra is a very little theatre with only 60 seats and is home to the theatre group with the same name. This theatre group is specialized in comedies. It will be an extraordinary experience to watch a theatre play in the intimate ambience of this theatre. During summer you can also enjoy open air performances outside the theatre. Sala el Canto de la Cabra absolutely deserves our recommendation.
Address: San Gregorio 8

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