Madrid hotels

Madrid hotels

Thanks to the great hotels in Madrid, the city is a popular destination for a city break. The hotels in Madrid are known for their good quality and very reasonable prices. Therefore a city break Madrid lies within everyone’s reach.

Normally in big cities the most expensive and luxurious hotels are located in middle of the city centre close to the biggest tourist attractions. But in Madrid it is also possible to find a nice middleclass or even a good budget hotel in the city centre. For example, at the fantastic Plaza Mayor you can as well find luxurious 4-star hotels as comfortable cheaper 2-star hotels. These hotels are perfect for exploring the most important historical monuments and museums. Do you want to enjoy Madrid’s nightlife, you just walk out the door!

Another popular area for hotels in Madrid is the famous street the Gran Via. Here you can find the bigger hotels from famous hotel chains. Here you can expect hotels with a 3- or 4-star rating. The Gran Via is a perfect area to stay if you want to combine visiting the monuments with some good shopping. The Gran Via is the most famous shopping street of Madrid with all kinds of shops and warehouses.

Many reasonable priced hotels and budget hotels in Madrid are situated around the Atocha railway station. The Plaza Mayor and other big tourist attractions in the centre of Madrid are easy to reach by public transport. The Atocha railway station is located only 2 kilometers southeast of the heart of the city.

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