Flights to Madrid

Flights to Madrid

Probably the easiest way to travel to Madrid is by plane. Madrid is a very popular tourist destination, therefore from all over the world airlines organize flights to Madrid. Because of the fierce competition between airlines it’s not difficult to find a cheap airline ticket Madrid.

Madrid tickets

The best place to book your airline ticket Madrid is right here! We can always provide you with the best airline ticket offers from the most reliable airline companies. Flying to Madrid will bring you lots of benefits. It’s a comfortable, cheap and safe way of travelling. Before traveling make sure your passport is valid and always check with the airline how much luggage you can carry with you. Normally you have to be at the airport two hours before departure. This will give you enough time to check-in.

Madrid airports

Madrid has three different airports; Madrid Barajas Airport, Madrid Torrejon and Madrid Cuatro Vientos. The most important Airport is Madrid Barajas Airport. This airport is the largest airport of Spain. Most of the tourists for a city break Madrid will arrive at this airport. The Madrid Barajas Airport is located only 13 kilometers northeast of the centre of Madrid. The easiest way to travel to the city centre is by metro (line 8). Madrid Barajas Airport has its own metro station. But you can also travel by bus or take a taxi.

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