Things to do in Berlin

Things to do in Berlin

Never a dull moment in Berlin! Fortunately, the time after the fall of the Wall, when Berlin was one big construction lot trying to get to terms with its past, is over. Nowadays more and more people realise that Berlin is a hip and mundane city offering the best in cuisine, culture, bars, concerts and partying. Here, you’ll find a couple of suggestions – but of course, there is a lot more to do!

Berlin Restaurants

The traditional German kitchen is like the German nature in general – solid and sound with little room for improvisation. Germans generally stick to meat: Bratwurst, Schnitzel, or other parts of pork and beef are very popular. To a German barbecue, the salads are just an optional. However, that doesn’t mean that there is only meat to eat. If you want go for a German dish, spätzli (a sort of pasta) are a good pick. But don’t despair when you are faced with the idea of having yet another Bratwurst or Currywurst – just enjoy anything out of the international kitchen you like. Almost every foreign cuisine is present amongst the many restaurants of the city: from Italian to Thai and from Mexican to African.

In Berlin, the organic revolution is already taking place and Butterstulle is one of the places that join it. All of the ingredients of their sandwiches and soups are organic and veggies also will be able to satisfy their appetite. The simple atmosphere makes it a perfect place for a quiet and cosy lunch.
Marienstrasse 25

The Bird
Situated in the Prenzlauerberg area, The Bird is another meat lover’s paradise – although with a different atmosphere. The place is New York-inspired in its no-nonsense taste and big city attitude. To digest their huge burgers and steaks, just sit down for a bit longer and take another drink; the place also serves as a bar.
Am Falkplatz 5

Berlin Nightlife

If you know how to party, Berlin will give you what you want; if you don’t know how to party, Berlin will teach you! In this city where the music hardly stops, you’ll find the hippest clubs along with laidback pubs. During the 1990s and the 2000s, Berlin has established a good, and deserved, reputation in this field. Kreuzberg is known for its more non-commercial and alternative vibe, while Friedrichshain is most popular under students. The significant gay scene is spread between Schöneberg and Prenzlauerberg, with Berlin making a good bid for the title of gay capital of the world. Also in Prenzlauerberg (but not only for gays), Kastanienallee is another nice street with cool bars and trendy clubs.

The name Berghain comes from the two adjacent areas that are bordering each other near its location: Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg Taking into account the rule that a fancy club in Berlin doesn’t exist without a fancy location, this club is situated in an old power plant. The large spaces and the high walls around the dance floor definitely give you a special feeling. The main room can accommodate more than one thousand guests.
Am Wriezener Bahnhof

Simon-Dach-Strasse is another nice and trendy street to sip your cocktail or your glass of wine. Drinks are relatively affordable here, especially during happy hours. The bars in the street have their own choice of music and clientele, so why don’t walk a bit before you sit down in the bar of your pick. And when you stay longer than expected and get a bit hungry towards the end of the night, there are plenty places to get a kebab or falafel.

Berlin Theatre

Those who prefer the theatre to hedonistic clubs will have enough choice. Apart from bigger and smaller theatres, Berlin also has two main operas: the Deutsche Oper (German opera) in the periphery and the Deutsche Staatsoper (German state opera) right at Unter den Linden boulevard. Apart from operas, you also can see ballet here. Big pop music concerts are staged in huge concert halls including o2world, Columbiahalle and the Astra Kulturhaus.
Deutsche Oper, Bismarckstrasse 35
Deutsche Staatsoper, Unter den Linden 7
o2world, Mildred-Harnack-Strasse
Astra Kulturhaus, Revaler Strasse 99
Columbiahalle, Columbiadamm 13-21

English Theatre Berlin
Obviously, most plays in the theatres in Berlin will be in German, but the English Theatre Berlin is an exception. This stage has a large programme, crossing disciplines from plays and literature to performances. One day you might attend a classic play, whilst the next day is reserved for a contemporary director.
English Theatre Berlin, Fidicinstrasse 40.

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