Berlin Hotels

Berlin Hotels

One of the characteristics of Berlin is that there is no real centre. Every area has its own character and it’s good to consider that when choosing a hotel for your city break in Berlin. In this way, you can choose an area according to your wishes: whether you go for museums, attractions or bars, you always can choose an area where you have them within a short distance.

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As every neighbourhood has its own atmosphere, it is good to have an idea about the zones. Mitte or ‘Middle’ is the cultural centre of Berlin and is vibrant since the fall of Wall. The area offers many bars and restaurants, trendy galleries and specialised stores. Another loved part of the city is the area around Museumisland and Unter den Linden. Here, you have many main sights around the corner. It’s also the best spot when you want to visit one or more of the museums. Prenzlauerberg is another good option. This part of East Berlin borders Mitte and has some of the same qualities, but is a bit quieter in atmosphere. Kreuzberg is the most multicultural area of Berlin, with one third of its inhabitants originating from abroad, of which many from Turkey. Through the presence of people of many ethnicities, you’ll also find a lot of foreign restaurants.

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