Flights to Berlin

Flights to Berlin

The plane is probably the best way to reach Berlin: you save money and time, so even if you only have a weekend, you’ll be able to get a taste of Berlin. Its two airports, Tegel and Schönefled are very well connected to the rest of Europe and many intercontinental destinations. These are both served by traditional airlines as well as German and European low cost carriers. Business airport Tempelhof was closed in 2008 and now is turned into a park

Berlin tickets

If you already have browsed for tickets on this side before reading this guide, you’ll have noticed it’s not that difficult to find a good offer. We are very happy to help you to arrange a nice and affordable city break to Berlin! Of course you have to take the general rules of air traffic into consideration: do not forget to bring a valid passport or ID and adhere to the baggage regulation to avoid trouble. Especially when flying with low cost carriers, it is often cheaper to check in online and to only bring hand luggage. Ensure that your suitcase does not exceed the measures and weight limits of the company and be sure to arrive on time. For most flights, being present one hour in advance is enough, but this might differ. On busy days, it is recommended to come to the airport earlier to make sure that potential longer times at the security don’t make you miss your flight.

Berlin aiport

Flughafen Tegel (TXL) is the main airport of the city. Around seven kilometres away from the centre, Tegel is easily reached by the excellent public transport system of Berlin. Depending on the place where you want to go, you need to schedule 30 to 45 minutes. A normal public transport ticket will do. Schönefeld (SXF) is a bit further away in distance. It lies to the southern part of town, about twenty kilometres of the centre. Thanks to the S-Bahn station at the airport, you can reach the centre within half an hour.
Flughafen Tegel, 13045 Berlin
Flughafen Schönefeld, 12529 Berlin

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