Prague Museums

Prague Museums

Various museums in Prague are dedicated to remarkable persons who lived in Prague, like Franz Kafka and Alfons Mucha. Did you know that Mozart loved to visit Prague? In Prague you can find the interesting Mozart Museum in the villa where once lived a good friend of the composer. Are you interested in the history of Prague than museums like the Prague City Museum and the Museum of Communism will be pleased to welcome you.

Prague City Museum

One of the most interesting museums of Prague is without a doubt the Prague City Museum, with fascinating historical artifacts, maps and documents which will tell you the history of Prague. You can also have a look at various weapons. The show piece of the museum is the cardboard model of the city made between 1826 and 1834 by Antonín Langweil. This will give you a good idea of the city at that time. You will be amazed by how detailed it is.
Address: Na Porici 52

National Museum of Prague

The National Museum of Prague was founded in 1818, at the time Prague was really flourishing at a cultural level. The National Museum of Prague is considered the oldest museum of Bohemia. It most probably also is one of the biggest. The collection of more than over 20 million artifacts is divided over different buildings. The main building is located at the immense Wenceslas Square. It’s a remarkable palace, designed by the famous architect Josep Schulz. Here you will find an amazing collection dedicated to paleontology, zoology and anthropology. Take your time to have a look at this interesting collection. You will see it is definitely worthwhile a visit.
Address: Václavské Náměstí 68

Museum of Communism

Prague still is marked by the communist regime that ruled over the country between 1948 and 1989. The Museum of Communism will show you the influence of this regime on the all day life of Prague during this period. You will gain a better understanding of what the communist regime meant. The theme of the museum already expresses very clear the tragedy it brought to Prague: The Dream, The Reality and The Nightmare. You can have a glance at a classroom from these days and you can see an interrogation room. Furthermore, you will also learn about the daily life of the workers in the factories.
Address: Na Prikope 10

Franz Kafka Museum

Maybe you already read some of his works? If not, then you really should, but for sure you are familiar with the name of this famous early 20th century writer. Some famous books of Franz Kafka are for example: The Metamorphosis and The Judgment. In the Franz Kafka Museum you can learn everything about this writer. The museum houses in the house where he was born. You can find here diaries, drawings, and letters. Also watch the films and have a look at the 3D installations so you will get an even better impression of the life and work of Franz Kafka.
Address: Cihelná 2b

Mozart Museum

Another remarkable museum in Prague is the Mozart Museum. Although Mozart was born in Salzburg in Austria, he was a regular visitor of Prague, especially to visit his friend František Dušek in the Villa Bertramka. This was also the place where he composed the famous opera Don Giovanni. This villa is now home to the Mozart Museum. Here you can have a look at instruments, letters, pictures and manuscripts. But that’s not all; during summer you can even listen to some beautiful concerts, of course including works of Mozart.
Address: Mozartova 169

Mucha Museum

A famous Czech artist that cannot stay unmentioned is Alfons Mucha. In the Mucha museum you will learn everything about his life and work. Mucha is considered one of the most important jugendstil artists. He is especially known for his theatre posters for the theatre play Gismonde with the French actress Sarah Bernhardt in Paris. But Alfons Mucha also made costumes, jewels, furniture and theatrical scenery.
Address: Panska 7

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