Prague Attractions

Prague Attractions

Are you looking for some special attractions in Prague, then you are here at the right address. Especially when you are on a citybreak with your children a visit to the Prague Zoo must not be forgotten. Also very nice are the boat tours on the Moldau River. There is a large choice of different boat tours. Another special attraction in Prague is the Petrín Hill with great parks and attractions such as the Petrín tower. Learn more!

Prague Zoo

A little outside the city centre you will find The Prague Zoo with beautiful spaces that are home to all kinds of animals like predators, water birds and reptiles. You will also find here a special area dedicated to the przewalski horses to protect them from extinction. After watching the animals your children can also have fun in the two playgrounds. The Prague Zoo also has two restaurants and a souvenir shop.

Boat tour Moldau

A nice way to discover the most beautiful spots of Prague is by making a touristic boat tour on the Moldau. From the water you will have a whole different view over this beautiful city. There are all kinds of boat tours, during some tours you can even enjoy live music and have dinner.

Petrín Hill

A nice attraction in Prague you really shouldn’t miss is the Petrín Hill in the Malá Strana district. The Petrín hill is 327 metres high and is used for recreational purposes, not only by the tourists but also by the locals. You can choose to walk uphill, but you can also take the funicular. On top of the hill you will find the 60 metres high Petrín tower, which will immediately remind you of the Eiffel Tower. The tower was built in 1891 and served as an observation and television tower. Nowadays you can climb the tower and enjoy a magnificent view over the city.

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