Paris Hotels

Paris Hotels

Paris is well prepared for the millions of tourists that come to visit the city every year. Through the whole city there are a lot of hotels who can offer you a pleasant stay during your citybreak Paris. But where exactly do you find the best hotels for the best prices? We will help you out!

In the centre of Paris near the big tourist attractions such as the Eiffel tower, the Louvre Museum, the Champs-Élysées and near the River Seine you find luxurious 4 star hotels, but of course you will have to pay a lot of money. But therefore you can also benefit from the best facilities and the fact that you can truly enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the city centre of Paris. Do you want to visit a museum, a monument or do you want to go shopping, just walk out your hotel and you arrived at the place you wanted to be!

But it´s also possible to stay in the city centre for less money. Just leave the big avenues and main streets and look for a cheaper 1- or 2- star hotel in the alleys. You can also save some money on hotel bills if you choose for a hotel on the left bank of the River Seine. The hotels on the right bank are a bit more expense, because they are closer to some main tourist attractions. A nice and popular area where you can find good hotels is for example Quartier Latin. It´s a lively quarter with lots of nice restaurants and bars. It will only take a short walk to the main attractions. It´s the perfect place for who wants to combine visiting the monuments and museums with discovering the exciting nightlife of Paris during his citybreak.
A little bit further outside the city centre you can also find really nice hotels for a reasonable price. The public transport in Paris is very well organized, so it will not be a problem. By metro or bus you will reach within a couple of minutes the heart of Paris. Choose for example a hotel near the Paris Est Railway Station. Here you can find cheap hotels of good quality.
One of the hottest quarters in Paris to stay is Le Marais. This part of the city is situated a little northeast of the city centre. In the evening you will find here a lively nightlife in the charming bars and cafés. Most of the hotels in Le Marais are very comfortable and affordable. The perfect combination for a nice stay in Paris.

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