Flights to Amsterdam

Flights to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is very easily to reach by plane. Its airport, Schiphol, is the fourteenth biggest airport worldwide and the fourth of Europe. Bigger and smaller airlines connect it with capitals and smaller cities in many countries within and outside of Europe. Information about destinations served is available on

Amsterdam tickets

Many airlines serve Amsterdam, and therefore it is very easy to book a ticket: don’t forget to look at the great offers on this website! As a member of the European Union and the Schengen zone, many travellers won’t have any problem to go to the Netherlands: a valid passport is the only thing you need. However, be aware of the luggage regulations. This refers both the anti-terrorism legislations (the European Union regulations prohibit you to carry liquids in your hand luggage in amounts bigger than 100 ml) and the requirements of your airline. Weight limits are generally between 15 and 23 kilo. Your airline will also be able tell you what time before the flight you will have to check in. Generally, this will be between 40 minutes or one hour for some inter-European flights to two or three hours for intercontinental flights.

Amsterdam airport

The most convenient airport to fly on for a trip to Amsterdam is Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, a major international hub situated only twenty minutes by train from the city. With low cost carriers, you might find good tickets for the airports of Rotterdam (1 hour by train from Amsterdam) or Eindhoven (1 hour and 20 minutes). However, there is a risk that the lower costs are already countered by the costs of the train tickets to get to Amsterdam. At the website of the Dutch railways,, you’ll be able to check these costs.

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