Amsterdam Hotels

Amsterdam Hotels

Like in any big city, the hotel market in Amsterdam is big and little transparent. You might as well end up in a horrible tourist trap as in a wonderful place with a great atmosphere and gentle staff. Prices and services vary widely from five star hotels till affordable hostels. The centre of Amsterdam is stuffed with hotels. These are primarily located in the area near the main station and Dam, several passes away of the Red Light District. Having a hotel close to the train station makes it very easy to make a day trip by train to any of the cities in the surroundings of Amsterdam, such as Haarlem and Alkmaar, make a bus trip to the traditional villages of Volendam or Marken or visit the famous Keukenhof with its thousands of tulips and other flowers.

Hotels in Amsterdam city centre

In general, any location in the centre of Amsterdam will allow you to discover the centre. As said, many hotels are in the area around Dam and the main station. Nevertheless, you will probably be able to more rest if you go a bit further southwards. The entire canal area has a lot of hotels to offer, and location pays out. The more exclusive hotels are spread all over the city.

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